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Product Specifications

Pentax  AF-360FGZ II  

Main specs

Guide Number:  36 (ISO 100/m)

Bounce Angle:  +180 / -180 horizontal, +90 / -10 vertical

Dimensions:  68mm x 111mm x106mm


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Pentax-AF-360FGZ II-Flashes and Speedlights
Description Specifications



68mm x 111mm x106mm


290.0 g

Power Source

4 AA batteries, (Alkaline (LR6), Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), or Lithium (FR6))

Type of Unit

flash / speedlight


Notable Features

  • Weather resistant All Weather (AW) construction pairs perfectly with PENTAX WR digital SLRs.
  • Guide Number 119 at ISO 100/ft (36 at ISO 100/m)
  • LED constant light source for video and long exposure photography

Exposure / Flash Control

Clip-on, P-TTL auto zoom flash unit with series control

Guide Number

36 (ISO 100/m)

Angle of Coverage


Bounce Angle

+180 / -180 horizontal, +90 / -10 vertical

Shooting Distance (Zoom Range)

2.3 to 17.7 ft

Recycling Time

approx. 2.5s

Battery Life

  • Automatic power-off: After approx. 3 min. of non-operation with the power on. After 1 hour in wireless mode.
  • Quick power on: By pressing the camera’s shutter release button halfway

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